You can help save wildlife at Willamette Wildlife Rehabilitation!

Welcome to Eugene, Oregon....Home of Willamette Wildlife Rehabilitation.
Our mission is to rehabilitate ill and orphaned wildlife.

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What is Willamette Wildlife Rehabilitation? A non-profit membership organization founded in 1985, dedicated to saving wildlife through the avenues of rehabilitation and public education: Injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife are treated medically or raised, using methods that prepare them for release and survival in the wild.

when you find injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife:
Remember that it is illegal to keep a wild animal.

595 Crest Drive

Directions: Willamette Wildlife Rehabilitation is located off Willamette Street, one block past 32nd Street on Crest Drive.
We are the first building on the right when you enter the Morse Ranch Park.

If you have an injured animal that you can safely handle, place it in a cardboard box in a warm, quiet place, until
we can call you back. Leave a message at 485-8440.

Wish List
Donations are always welcome, they are tax deductible
Memberships and gift memberships
Digital video camera to document wildlife cases
White, unscented paper towels
Gift certificates to...
    Market of Choice (animal food)
    Animal Health Association (medical supplies)
    Staples (office supplies)
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